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We only hire caregivers we trust enough to care for our own parents.

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5 responses to “Client Reviews”

  1. I absolutely could not have taken care of Keith without the help of this fantastic compassionate group.
    They are dependable, punctual and professional. I happily give this agency a 5 star rating.
    Thank-you, Pat Wicks

  2. Wonderful care. They made my dad very comfortable and dealt with him using compassion and friendship. We could leave him in their care and actually be able to sleep at night knowing they were with him. Towards the end of his experience, he finally had to go to a nursing facility, they made changes we requested due to events in our lives with no complaints. We cannot thank them enough for the support they gave us during a difficult time. Highly recommend.

  3. Caring Companions LLC, is exactly that, CARING companions.
    The group may be small but their heart and soul is HUGE.
    They strive to provide the absolute best of quality of care, compassion, and concern to the fullest to each individual and their families.
    Communication is key in every relationship. The relationship you will have with caring companions is outstanding. They are more than willing to communicate and listen to any concerns you may have at any time.
    The affiliation I have with this organization is by far the best I’ve ever experienced.

  4. Caring Companions is like family. They have wonderful caregivers that go above and beyond in all aspects of care. They are extremely reliable. This company is the best!

  5. My wife has had Parkinson’s since 2004 and is a fall risk. Last year I choose to change home health care agencies seeking a small business where my wife’s needs were the priority. My experience has been Caring Companions In-Home Senior Care does a good job of providing quality individuals, and stay on top of accurate billing and documentation required by insurance.