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Understanding of LTCI Benefits:

The experts at Caring Companions In-Home Senior Care, will help policyholders understand and verify their long-term care insurance benefits. We will guide you through the process of reviewing and filing a claim so you can start receiving benefits. Make sure to call us today, to take advantage of the free long-term care insurance assessment. Once done, we will coordinate a conference call with you and your insurance carrier to do the following:

  • Analyze & identify the requirements from your policy, which includes any elimination periods, daily maximum, life-time benefits, and coverage.
  • Bill the long-term care insurance carrier directly, which is at the policyholder’s request.
  • Assist the policyholders (You) in completing the needed forms to file a claim.
  • Help with the responsibilities of scheduling, benefits, payroll taxes, workers’ compensation, bonding, and all general and professional liability insurance.

We have established relationships with various long-term care insurance carriers, and third-party administrators to make the claims process easier for you and your loved one. So, let us be your advocate. We can help you receive benefits and the compassionate care you need and deserve. Call us today to speak with one of our care managers for a FREE benefits analysis.

Using LTCI for Home Care:

To receive the long-term care insurance benefits, most policies state that a policyholder must require assistance with at least two activities of daily living, or ADLs, or have cognitive impairment. Also, the standard long-term care insurance policies will include five or six of the following activities of daily living:

  • Showering & Bathing
  • Grooming (assistance with personal hygiene)
  • Ambulation (help with mobility or transferring)
  • Feeding (not including chewing or swallowing)
  • Toileting
  • Dressing

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