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Caregivers you can count on

We only hire caregivers we trust enough to care for our own parents.

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Our Advantage, Your Peace of Mind

Caring Companions Senior Home Care provides each client and their families access to The Family Room©. For no additional charge seniors, their family members, and caregivers can stay in touch via a secure online portal anytime, anywhere.

We Customize The Family Room So You Can See The Family Home Care Information That Is Important To You

Want to know exactly what your loved one ate? Or how they slept that night? Our Caring Companions professional caregivers record exactly what you want to know. We are dedicated to providing individualized home care solutions to meet the needs of each and every client; therefore we customize and report on your loved one’s family home care individually.

Additionally, you and other family members can use a shared calendar to coordinate activities and home care schedules, manage medications and appointments, as well as view invoices, and make payments. Finally, all the information needed for your loved one can be in one place; names and numbers of care providers, medication list with dosages, and any other emergency contacts. You can also provide feedback about care by directly messaging sending messages to your family home care team.

Watch this brief video for more information then contact us to let us know how we can take care of your elderly loved one’s needs and your peace of mind.

Review Care Logs and Shift Tasks

Family Room users can review completed care logs as well as current shifts in real time, including task updates and voice commentary by the caregiver.

View The Care Calendar

All family members stayed informed about the scheduled care provided by our caregivers from a monthly or weekly view.

Medication Management

Family members have the ability to monitor prescriptions and dosage to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Care Plans and Shift Notes

When the caregiver clocks out, completed tasks and voice notes are updated. These updates are sent to the the Family Room so that you know how your senior is doing and what care they are receiving.

Pay Electronically

No more paper invoices! With the Family Room, family members can setup auto-pay or even login and split the bill online. Authorized family members can see past invoices and update credit card information, keeping your billing easy to manage.