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New Pre-Visit Check for Caregivers

Before entering a client’s home to start a visit, every Caregiver must answer multiple questions to be sure they’re feeling well and not at risk of exposing a client to infection. We also require Caregivers to agree to wash their hands before doing anything else at the start of the visit—and to contact us immediately if their client has any flu-like symptoms or has been in contact with anyone who tested positive for COVID-19.

Expanded PPE Requirements and Training

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  • We provide masks for Caregivers to wear at every shift.
  • We’ve expanded our requirements for when masks and gloves must be worn—and documented them for clients and Caregivers.
  • Caregivers receive ongoing support, information, and reminders to verify they are following our protocols and universal infection control standards.

Additional Safeguards to Support Safety

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While the coronavirus is highly contagious, following key steps and safeguards helps to mitigate the transmission of infection while supporting safe care at home.
Restaffing Due to Illness – If a Caregiver is sick or has a fever, they must stay home—and we don’t penalize anyone for missing a visit due to illness. We’ll immediately notify you and begin restaffing the visit, and the Caregiver will be removed from any care visits and cleared to return to work in accordance with public health guidelines.

Hand Washing – When arriving at a client’s home, our Caregivers are instructed via our app to wash their hands immediately before starting care.

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Please know that we are continuing to provide in-home care to new and existing clients—and doing our absolute best to keep all of our clients informed as we work to support the health and safety of our older population.

Our client’s safety is our number one priority!